Spring 2012

Please find our first issue attached!

Spring 2012


Call for Pitches and Staff Applications

I. Class Notes seeks proposals for essays to be printed in our first issue due out February 2011. Class Notes publishes progressive-minded articles on academic life; subjects include teaching methods, majors and departments, how the Core can be improved, etc. Pitches should introduce the subject of the essay in 150-250 words and can be sent to classnotescolumbia@gmail.com. All schools welcome. Read more of this post

Behind the Mission

Class Notes is about undergraduate education. It will address all of Columbia University with the good of every constituent in mind. The conversation is a way for students to engage their experience here and to take responsibility for it.  Today, the ideas for this conversation exist, but too quietly.

The publication responds to the concern that good ideas about Columbia’s academic life lack the means of expression they require. To that end Class Notes will be public, flexible, nonpartisan, and progressive-minded. Together these four standards elude every medium for dialogue about undergraduate academics on campus, yet without them no medium can guarantee that a good idea will reach the right audience under the right circumstances. Class Notes will justify itself by bringing these standards together. What exactly do they mean? Read more of this post

Mission Statement

Class Notes is a new way to discuss academic life at Columbia. The articles in this journal will deal with issues of immediate and broad significance to the Columbia community. To this end Class Notes will be:

1)    Public: accessible online free of charge with printed copies distributed across campus. Class Notes accepts submissions and responses from students, faculty, administrators, and readers beyond Columbia. We ask all contributors to sign their work to keep the exchange of ideas grounded in honesty and sincerity.

2)    Flexible: Class Notes will be published once per semester and give every contributor sufficient space to fully express a thought or idea. Editors will work with contributors to refine their work without altering or misrepresenting authors’ ideas.

3)    Non-partisan: The journal welcomes the views of students, faculty, and the administration equally without bias towards any particular viewpoint.

4)    Progressive-minded: Class Notes seeks to publish only articles that deal with matters of significant and broad import for Columbia as a whole, not personal grievances. A premise of our subject is that Columbia’s academic program is not fixed and static but always improvable.

The goal of the journal is not to discuss how to make the best of what we have, but rather how to change what we have into the best that it might be.

Editorial Board

Aaron Liskov (Columbia College 2011)

Arun Golakotta (School of Engineering and Applied Sciences 2011)

Sam Rhee (Columbia College 2013)

Sam Gelb (Columbia College 2013)


Editorial Policy

Please click the link below to view our Editorial Policy, which is the Editorial Board’s public commitment to readers and the Columbia community.

Editorial Policy